Chamber ensemble

Solo instrument

Voice and piano

  • Song cycle «The world fades out» for baritone and piano: «The world fades out, the evening shines», (G. Ivanov), «Death» (K. Balmont) (2008)
  • Song cycle «Frühlingsehnsucht» for soprano, baritone and piano: «Das Karussell» (R. M. Rilke), «Wiegenlied» (F. W. Gotter), «Trauer der Liebe» (L. Rellstab) (2008)
  • Vocalise (2009)
  • Canzone d’Amore for soprano and piano (2009)
  • Song cycle «Das Mysterium» to poems by Joseph von Eichendorff for soprano, tenor, baritone and piano: «Winterstraum», «Das zerbrochene Ringlein», «Trost», «Der Einsiedler», «Mondnacht», «Sehnsucht», «Morgengebet» (2008-2009)
  • Song cycle to poems by Heinrich Heine for soprano and piano «Sie liebten sich beide, doch keiner…»: «Sie liebten sich beide, doch keiner…», «Ich grolle nicht», «Sinnestäuschung» (2009)
  • «The Drowned Man» after Alexander Pushkin’s folksy tale for baritone and piano (2012)
  • Song cycle «Junge Leiden» for soprano and piano (2012-2014)
  • Song cycle «Der Rhein» for soprano and piano (2014)
  • Latin Triptych for soprano and piano/organ: (Ave Regina Caelorum, Ave Maria, Ave Maris Stella) (2014)
  • «Besuch» after Stefan George’s poem for soprano and piano (2015)
  • Pater Noster for voice and piano/organ (2016)
  • Intermezzo №7 to poem by Heinrich Heine for tenor and piano (2016)
  • «Du schlank und rein wie eine Flamme» after Stefan George’s poem for tenor and piano (2016)
  • Wiegenlied to poem by Clemens Brentano for soprano and piano (2016)

Choir a cappella

  • Sanctus for children’s choir (2019)
  • Agnus Dei for choir SATB (2019)
  • Russian folks song – «Ах ты, степь широкая» for choir SATB and tenor solo (2019)
  • Folk wedding song – «Ой, не было ветру – навияло…» for women’s choir (2019)


  • Petersburg, symphonic picture (2017)
  • Snowstorm, symphonic picture from the ballet «The magic box» (2020)
  • Jubilee impromptu for brass ensemble, percussion and harp (2023)

Solo instruments with orchestra

  • «The Mirages», variations on an original theme for three harps, string orchestra and percussion (2017)
  • Adagio for harp and string orchestra (from the string quartet). The version for string orchestra (2020)
  • Divertimento for six flutes, three harps, string orchestra and percussion (2021)
  • Overture Solemnis for six flutes, four harps, string orchestra, percussion and cembalo (2021)
  • Express-concerto for two violins and orchestra (2021)
  • Five Études-tableaux for piano and orchestra (2022)
  • Recuerdos for trumpet and symphony orchestra (2022)
  • Concerto for flute, harp and symphony orchestra (2023)

Soloist, choir and orchestra

  • Ballad after Heinrich Heine’s poem «Im süßen Traum» for contratenor, soprano, choir and orchestra (2019)


  • The ballet «The magic box», Petersburg fairy tale (2020)

Arrangements of works by other composers

  • Mussorgsky – Trepak (Songs and Dances of Death), arranged for piano solo (2008)
  • Wagner – Walkürenritt, arranged for piano solo (2013)
  • Rachmaninoff – Variations on a Theme of Corelli op. 42, arranged for symphony orchestra (2019)
  • Rachmaninoff – «Вчера мы встретились», arranged for choir and baritone solo (2019)