Symphony Orchestra

“Petersburg” symphonic picture

Performed by Metamorphose String Orchestra & Pavel Lyubomudrov

“The Mirages” variations for three harps, string orchestra and percussion

Performed by the Mariinsky Orchestra & Christian Knapp

Large and chamber ensembles

“Cleopatra’s Dream” for harp, flute and viola

Performed by Sofia Kiprskaya, Yuri Afonkin and Nikolai Mokhov

Elegiac Concertino for Harp and String Quartet

Performed by Sofia Kiprskaya, Ilya Kozlov, Igor Zolotaryov, Vladimir Yunovich and Yuri Afonkin

Adagio for Harp and Strings

Performed by soloists of the Mariinsky Orchestra

Randes Vous Valse

Performed by Sofia Kiprskaya and Vladimir Yunovich

Burlesque for flute, harp and viola

Performed by Elena Klass (harp), Aglaya Shuplyakova (flute), Roman Ivanov (viola)


“Autumn Dreams” for violin and piano

Performed by: Andrey Pokatov & Julia Grekhova

“Reflection” for organ, harp and hang

Performed by Karol Mossakowski (organ), Sofia Kiprskaya (harp), Vladimir Maslov (hung)

Songs for voice and piano

The Drowned” after Alexander Pushkin’s folksy tale

Performed by Alexander Gontsa & Eduard Kiprsky

Latin Triptych

Performed by Maria Veretenina & Eduard Kiprsky

Song cycle “Frühlingssehnsucht” for soprano, baritone and piano

  • Poem “Das Karussell” by R. M. Rilke – peformed by Alexander Gontsa and Eduard Kiprsky
  • “Lullaby” by F. W. Gotter – peformed by Margarita Gritskova and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Duo after poem “Ständchen”  by L. Rellstab – peformed by Alexander Gontsa, Margarita Gritskova and Eduard Kiprsky

Song cycle “Twilight” for baritone and piano

  • Sonet (The world goes out ) by V. Ivanov – peformed by Alexander Gontsa and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Sonet (Death) by K. Balmont – peformed by Alexander Gontsa and Eduard Kiprsky

Song cycle “Junge Leiden” for soprano and piano

  • Poem “Lebewohl” by E. Mörike – peformed by Alexandra Kabanova and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Poem “Gebet” by E. Mörike – peformed by Alexandra Kabanova and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Poems “Bitte”, “Rücknahme” by H. Hesse – peformed by Margarita Gritskova and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Poem “Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen” by H. Heine – peformed by Alexandra Kabanova and Eduard Kiprsky
  • Poem “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” by H. Heine – peformed by Alexandra Kabanova and Eduard Kiprsky

Solo instruments

Fuga on a theme “CHS” for piano

Peformed by Eduard Kiprsky

“A dancer from the East” for violin solo

Performed by Andrey Pokatov

Impromptu for piano duo

Performed by Zarina Shimanskaya & Eduard Kiprsky